What Is Palmetto Place?

Palmetto Place provides transitional housing to homeless teens ages 16-21 that includes support services like independent living skills, counseling, medical care, and a positive, supportive environment. Their home has 25 beds and residents are required to either attend school or work at least 32 hours/week while saving 60% of their paycheck.

When they are ready to move out into their own independent, permanent housing, Palmetto Place assists them in finding affordable housing, budgeting, and navigating the entire process. They then transition from the Transitional Housing Program to our Aftercare Program where they continue to receive support for up to 12 months.


How Can You Help?

Earlewood Baptist Church is proud to be partnering with such a great organization, and we are collecting the following list of items to help the residents as they transition into independent housing. Anywhere from 8 to 15 residents transition into independent living each year, and our goal is to provide every one of these transitioning residents with every item on this list (a complete set of items), and our goal is to have 4 complete sets of the items in inventory at all times.


More Details Please!

Absolutely 100% of everything given for this purpose will go directly into providing items to the residents the day they move into their apartment.  Earlewood Baptist Church will not take a penny from money given to this ministry. You can contact us at: [email protected] if you want to donate money for items, or you can donate money online by following the "GIVE ONLINE" link at the top of this page... just be sure to select "Palmetto Place Resident Items" as your designation for the donation.  We are only accepting monetary gifts at this time; however, we know some people would prefer to purchase items directly, and we are working on a registry of items that you can purchase and will be adding that soon. All gifts are tax deductible.

We will only be providing new items from the list below , as we want to give each resident our best.

The total cost to "sponsor" a transitioning resident with every item on the list is $325, and this is a great way for an individual or small group to make a real impact in the life of a young adult.  

Note: We will not be posting photos of the residents as they receive the items, as we want to maintain their privacy during their transition. We will also not be posting a listing of those choosing to fully sponsor a resident, because we feel that a small gift is equally as important as a large gift.  Approximate annual cost for supplying the list to all transitioning residents is $4,500; we will add additional items to the list if donations exceed this amount.


About the List

This is by no means an exhaustive list of items that a transitioning resident will need; however, this list was put together with the direction of Palmetto Place in an effort to provide the most useful and cost effective items.  If an item has "FULL" under the estimated cost column, that means that we have an excess inventory of that specific item and do not currently need any more of that item donated. 


Click here to visit their website at palmettoplace.org

Money Given to Date ($)
Current Account Balance ($)
Sets in Inventory (# Residents)
Residents Helped to Date
Item CategoryItem NameEstimated Cost
General Items
Kitchen Garbage Can (13 gal)$20
Clothes Iron$15
Ironing Board$10
Floor Lamp$20
Eating Items
Drinking Cups$15
Cooking Items
Cookware Set$45
Knife Set$30
Can Opener$10
Baking Sheet$10
Aluminum Foil$5
Pizza Cutter$5
Personal Hygiene Items
Bath Towels$10
Wash Cloths$5
Cleaning Items
Dish Towels$5
Dish Soap$5
Laundry Detergent$5
Laundry Basket$10
Inventoried Items
Toilet Paper
Paper Towels
Writing Pens
Kitchen Trash Bags (13 gal)